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Upload date: 11 March 2019 14:28:57 GMT
Type of file: Archive

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Dimitris Marinos
11 Mar 2019
the file is damaged
12 Mar 2019
falta el password
12 Mar 2019
file damage
12 Mar 2019
File not damage, you must turnoff ESET before install TNOD User & Password !!! Thanks a lot TUKERO :)
13 Mar 2019
file damaged
14 Mar 2019
Файл поврежден
15 Mar 2019
the file is not damaged, you need off the protection and download de program, then use winrrar or something similar to uncompress and install, finally, run the program, be careful adding the ubication of tnod in the exclutions of the antivirus, if you dont do this, it will eliminate tnod and you will need do all again.
15 Mar 2019
the file is not damaged, install the last version of winrar and enjoy!
16 Mar 2019

Tnod 1.6.5, 1.6.7 doesn't works with Windows 10, i don't know why "no licence founded" each time?
16 Mar 2019
"the file is not damaged, install the last version of winrar and enjoy! "
17 Mar 2019
update winrar! :D thx!
17 Mar 2019
sirve para ess 12?
17 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019
Tnod, No ingresa licencia
19 Mar 2019
Funciona perfectamente. solo: 1) apaguen ESET cuando bajen el archivo comprimido -- o lo filtrara y destruira. 2) protejan (excluyanlo en ESET) el archivo donde extraeran Tnod y residira -- o ESET lo encontrara y destruira. 3) instalen Tnod con ESET apagado.
19 Mar 2019
Si funciona con ESET
20 Mar 2019
a mi me sale fichero dañado y no tego antivirus instalado
21 Mar 2019
22 Mar 2019
solidfiles works
23 Mar 2019
extracted file = 0 byte
24 Mar 2019
portable pls
24 Mar 2019
No lo puedo bajar
25 Mar 2019
works perfectly. you need to enter the password to open the archive and make sure that eset is either turned off or have the folder the archive is in set in eset's exclusion list. if you get messages saying it found no licenses, then you need to check your log files to see if eset blocked the websites that tnod gets the lists from, and if eset did block those websites then you need to add the websites to the url exclusion list.
25 Mar 2019
Imposible descargar archivo: en los dos casos en los que se descarga el archivo rar se exige password. En otros tres casos se descarga una archivo exe que no tiene nada que ver; en Mega no está caído el link; y en el resto solo hay basura publicitaria que no te dejan ni apenas clicar... ¡Qué bodrio!
25 Mar 2019
Ningún link me redirecciona a la descarga, solo hay publicidad y redireccionamientoa otros sitios que por seguridad no voy a visitar.
25 Mar 2019
It works perfectly. Don't unzip it using winrar or winzip. Enter this site https://extract.me, upload the tnod zipped file, insert password (tnod) and download the unzipped file.
Breno Leoni
26 Mar 2019
27 Mar 2019
The file is damaged . I have my ESET turned off
27 Mar 2019
The file is OK. I downloaded today and it's ok. You just have to disable ESET before uncompress the file.
Oscar Mechaniclis
28 Mar 2019
Mega Caido e as URL nao redirecionam
29 Mar 2019
Found a zip, not a rar file at https://diakov.net/9890-tnod-user-password-finder-161-final.html. All rar files seem to be broken, the logical reason being that it's the same rar file found here. Despite 161 in the link name, it has the Beta version. No problem unpacking, you still have to pause protection in eset in order to install.
And everybody saying that the rar is broken, they're right, the rar file header looks different from what a valid rar file should look like.
29 Mar 2019
The file no longer exists. The owner's account has been blocked. So where the new version of tnod can be found now?
30 Mar 2019
file i think broken
30 Mar 2019
Cuál es el password ??
30 Mar 2019
This wotk for me:
Edgar MG
31 Mar 2019

31 Mar 2019
password ---- tnod
01 Apr 2019
não abre o arquivo fala que esta danificado ou invalido
Just Me
05 Apr 2019
It seems that the app fails to contact ESET license server to check validity and therefore it cannot find any valid license.
06 Apr 2019
Same here, licence finder don't work anymore. Each time it can't find valid licence however the url are white listed.

Any help ?
07 Apr 2019
Same here; does not work
07 Apr 2019
Same here ! Doesn't work... =(
11 Apr 2019
I have not been able to get a connection between tnod and the license servers for several weeks.
Tried regular version 1.4.1 (installed version & through the portable License Downloader EXE) and this newer 1.6.7B - same result: "No valid license was found ...".
Is the server dead? has Tnod been shut down permanently maybe?

*NOD32 has been deactivated while testing, it used to work constantly for several months on my machine but failed to work on three Windows 10 machined I have tried it out to verify that it ain't my machine causing it.
Any response to verify/troubleshoot my problem would be appreciated.
12 Apr 2019
mega El archivo que deseas descargar ya no está disponible.
13 Apr 2019
You're a mofo all of your links are money making craps.
Stick your tnod up your A55 you worthless moron.
If one cant download it, then you dont deserve the reputation.
Only legends deserve reputation and you're no legend, just another money making scammer.
14 Apr 2019
Alguna solución cuando no consigue licencias validas?
16 Apr 2019
softoroom.net ess license 2day available
19 Apr 2019
File is Broken / missing on ALL the links ....
and yes I even had a VM running with NO ESET on it to DL the file

What a a BUNCH OF CRAP !!!!

It was not like this before ... a simple MEGA download link was available and worked without all this CRAP!!!

Needless to says that I deleted the VM !
20 Apr 2019
Helo somebody to say where is the download :(
20 Apr 2019
About 2 months don't find anything. It's broken?
21 Apr 2019
No funciono
25 Apr 2019
25 Mar 2019
works perfectly. you need to enter the password to open the archive and make sure that eset is either turned off or have the folder the archive is in set in eset's exclusion list. if you get messages saying it found no licenses, then you need to check your log files to see if eset blocked the websites that tnod gets the lists from, and if eset did block those websites then you need to add the websites to the url exclusion list.
And where is it in v.12?
25 Apr 2019
проблема с 12! все дело в том, что добавив исключения,вы не чего не добьетесь.все дело в самом ноде.в него вшит код на блокировку всех исключений сюда и на сайт преобразования ключа,точнее вам скажут что сервис не доступен.я получаю ключи со старенького нетбука с ХР, где не обновлял нод года 4. там все работает как часы.делаем все операции, кидаем полученные ключи на флешку,и на основном компе уже проверяем работает или нет.ну или делайте откат версии нода. по другому не как. тут ждать обновления программы не стоит наверно.
25 Apr 2019
текст режут )) короче - нужно - хп или другой комп.без антурируса.и будет все работать в 12 все заблоченнно ввнутри программммы
26 Apr 2019
Shlomi you got the same problem i have. i had tested all versions and it doesnt work for me anytime. keys are unavailable. i dont know what to do.
29 Apr 2019
Проблема не в 12 версии. До недавнего времени ставил EAV.ESS.v10.1.235.1 и поиск ключей (1.6.4) прекрасно работал. Теперь не может найти ни одну действующую лицензию:(
01 May 2019
Что случилось с товарищем Tukero? Куда он пропал-то? Это ведь он следил за всеми обновлениями. Его программа с его сервера тянула ключи. Каким образом они туда на сервер попадают - знает только товарищ Turero. Но нет обновления именно из-за того, что данные на его сервере устарели. В его программе можно прописать личный сервер, что я и сделал теперь в качестве временного решения. Всем, понятное дело, я его не дам, ибо меня антивирус в чёрный список быстро внесёт, но для своих - нормальный вариант. Ждём и надеемся, что с ним всё в порядке. Может здесь есть кто-то, кто его знает лично и может пролить свет на вопрос: что же всё таки произошло с нашим любимым Tukero?
02 May 2019
Ha dejado de descargar licencias. La ultima version?
05 May 2019
Portable version, PLEASE!
juan carlos
07 May 2019
desde hace un mes que tnod ya no descarga licencias anteriormente lo hacia, que sucede? alguna solución?
07 May 2019
my portable version of Tnod 1.6.4 does not download any new licenses, it is stuck with a license that expires on 05/08/2019. it doesnt show updated list. My license is gonna expire after 24 hours. I need help on this matter. pls help...
Just me
07 May 2019
The last few versions of TNOD fail to find any valid license with Windows 10 x64. Every single time says "no valid license found", while licenses do exist on pages like tnoduse2.blogspot.com.
10 May 2019
Hace muchos días que no encuentra licencia valida disponible!!
11 May 2019
hola a todos me pueden decir alquien como obtener las licencias par eset nod 32 .
12 May 2019
Hola, desde hace ya un tiempo, que no encuentra claves nuevas, y el link de descarga de la supuesta versión 1.6.7 no me lleva a ningún lado, es mas me detecta el enlace como pagina maliciosa. Podría decirme alguien si hay alguna manera de actualizar el nod32 o simplemente hay que esperar. Gracias
13 May 2019
Не находит лицензии для обновления, пишет что все не рабочие.
15 May 2019
licenses are no longer working, please fix, even manually entering does not work
17 May 2019
Не работает!!!
28 May 2019
Saludos, le cuento que lo descargue desde este enlace sin ningun problema luego les comento que tal me fue

04 Jun 2019
Тукеро слился, продался есету. Очень жаль. Спасибо ему за всё.
05 Jun 2019
Links funcionales, aplicación se descarga y se instala perfecto. Pero no encuentra licencias válidas...
06 Jun 2019
ver 1.6.4 works fine - finds 2 licences today unlike 1.6.7b (beta is wrong :/ )
- just add new server into personal list:
29 Jun 2019
Tengo ESET Internet Security versio 12.1.31, me funcionaba bien el Tnod, hasta que se actualizo el la version del antivirus.
Tienen alguna version de Tnod que pueda parchar esta versión.
Gracias, muy buena aplicación.
09 Jul 2019
No puedo descargarlo de ninguna imagen, todas me lazan a publicidad y no me da el enlace ¿Que coño hago?
18 Jul 2019
If you have Tnod 1.6.7b, then remove it and reinstall version 1.6.4 (with all antivirus and anti-malware switched off).
I re-installed ver 1.6.4, then edited the exclusions on my Nod32 and windows antivirus (just to be certain).
As someone posted here, insert: "http://tnods1.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss" into the personal list of Tnod 1.6.4 (Windows Start > Tnod > Open Settings).
For me, Tnod 1.6.4 downloaded over 11 valid licenses. Copied one into Eset and it successfully activated it! As I'm typing this, Eset is updating the antivirus NUP file (well over 100Mb).
So far, all seems to be working after a lull since January 2019.
Gabriel Moyano
01 Aug 2019
no puedo descargar el archivo llego hasta el captcha y de ahi es todo publicidad
como hay que descargarlo por favor
25 Aug 2019
TNOD no funciona....y no encuentro seriales....
30 Aug 2019
Bull shit. No link only adds
12 Sep 2019
Tukero needs to get his shit right or stop offering this app.
Guys, the solution to get new working serials is very easy. Open the Tnod settings, and add the following server to your personal list:

Just to be sure, whitelist it. In my case, to speed things up, i chose to load the personal list first
14 Sep 2019
Kameleon20 - kde presne v nastaveni najdu "osobni seznam" diky
14 Sep 2019
Asi jsem ho nasel, ulozil, ale stejne se mi ESS neaktualizuje :-(
16 Sep 2019
where is the final version,please?
10 Oct 2019
The FILE I was given to download was a PHUCKIN VIRUS. Installed Winmon service which SHUTS OFF your AV programs. Same File was downloaded from 2 different links. It was NOT the TNOD Archive, it was an executable file.

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