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Kích thước tập tin tối đa : 500MB, Tập tin tối đa : 20, Max mirrors : 10

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 Xin hãy Đăng Nhập hoặc là Đăng Ký để sử dụng vì các Hosts dưới đây không hỗ trợ Tải Lên ẩn danh.
 Các hosts dưới đây chỉ có thể Tải Lên các tập tin video.
You may check the success status of file hosts by visiting this page : https://www.mirrored.to/p/host-status

Mirrored.to Uploads Your Files to Multiple Hosting Sites

Upload once, we do the rest

All you have to do is upload your files once to us. We'll automatically mirror them to the hosting sites of your choice. You'll be provided with an aggregate link which will contain download links of all the selected hosts.
Upload to your own accounts

Your files are stored on your own accounts on hosting sites so that you have 100% control of your data. Uploads without registration is also possible if the hosting sites you choose allow anonymous file uploads.
Over 40 hosts to choose from

Select your favorite hosting sites from a list of over 40 top hosts. This includes popular cloud storage sites like Google Drive, Mediafire, Zippyshare, Yandex Disk etc. Our list also contains dedicated video streaming hosts.
Uploading tools & methods

You may upload files via a web browser, or use remote URL uploading where you could import a file directly from a link, or use our Windows Uploader Tool. We also offer a simple API for secure file uploading.
Monetize links using shorteners

We offer a method to earn money from the download links of your file using URL shortening services such as adf.ly, ouo.io or exe.io. This can be directly integrated within your Mirrored.to account.
Secure, Reliable and Free

Your files are permanently deleted from our servers once they are uploaded to the hosting sites. We have mirrored over 10 million files so far. Our service is rock solid, very reliable and completely free!

To Learn more about our service, please visit the FAQ page.

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