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Useful tools

1. Windows Uploader Tool

Mirrored.to Windows Desktop Uploader Tool

If you are using Windows OS (Windows Vista/7/8/10), you can use our uploader tool which offers more features than uploading through a web browser.


  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Unlimited number of files can be kept in upload queue
  • Display upload progress with upload speed
  • Both local file uploads and remote url uploads supported
  • Easy export of uploaded file links
  • Local config file saves default mirror selection and login details
  • Automatic file splitting for larger files
  • List of current available hosting sites is automatically updated
  • Option to set the computer to shutdown/sleep/logoff etc after upload
  • Auto update function
  • No Ads, adware, 100% clean

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Current version : 3.0.2

2. API Documentation

Mirrored.to offers a simple basic API which can be used to securely upload files to our website, view your account info and view information about the files uploaded.

3. Exit-URL Monetization (Earn money from your file links)

We offer a method to earn money from the outgoing links of your file using URL shortening services such as adf.ly or ouo.io. If you enable this method, each mirror link on the download page of your files will be shortened using either adf.ly or ouo.io service (using your account API of them). So when a downloader clicks any of the mirror link, they will be shown your ad page before taking them to the actual link.
Example link : https://www.mirrored.to/files/JRNUNHRE/Mirrored.to_v3.0.2.exe_links (Please click any of the "Get Link" button on this page).

4. Combine Multiple Mirrored.to Links to a Single Link

If you would like to combine multiple Mirrored.to/Mir.cr download links (For example, multiple parts of a file, different versions of a file etc), you can do so by visiting the following link. You may combine upto 20 Mirrored.to/Mir.cr links at a time. All download links will be shown under a single link.